Rabbi Hillel A. Fine

 I was associated with Rabbi Hillel A. Fine for over 15 years.  He was my teacher starting in 1970 where he taught me beginning Hebrew and Torah.  He was my teacher and mentor.  I then worked at the Hillel House from 1975-1985. He influenced me and helped me to become successful professionally and personally. Thank you Rabbi.

Hillel Tulane New Orleans, Louisiana

In honor of his memory.  

Note: I don't remember the person's name scooping up the soup.  Rabbi is standing behind.

Taken at the B'nai B'rith Hillel House located at 912 Broadway, New Orleans, La. 


Rabbi Fine was born in Birmingham, England, and attended the University of Pennsylvania and the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati where he earned his doctorate. He was the author of "Studies in Middle Assyrian Chronology and Religion"

Dr. Hillel A. Fine Cí43, New York, retired director of the New Orleans Hillel; May 25, 1998. He was an adjunct faculty member of Loyola University there. He had earlier served as rabbi of Reform Temple Ohev Shalom in Harrisburg, Pa., from 1956 to 1970.

Hillel A. Fine. Studies in Middle-Assyrian Chronology and Religion. 1955

1998 - Rabbi Hillel Fine, 77, Expert on Languages

Rabbi Hillel A. Fine, an educator, expert in Semitic languages and, most recently, director of the New Orleans Hillel Foundation, died of a heart attack on May 25 in New York City. He was 77 and had lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan since his retirement in 1986.

Rabbi Fine was ordained in 1948 at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, where he also earned a doctorate in Semitic languages. He briefly served as assistant rabbi at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan before returning to Hebrew Union in 1948 to lecture in the department of history.

He served as rabbi of Reform Temple Ohev Shalom in Harrisburg, Pa., from 1956 to 1970, when he accepted the post in New Orleans. The foundation serves Jewish students at Tulane University and Newcomb College, the University of New Orleans and Loyola University, where he also taught as an adjunct faculty member and introduced credit courses in Hebrew and Judaica.

He was born in Birmingham, England, and attended the Universities of Pennsylvania and Cincinnati before completing his rabbinical studies.

He was the author of many articles on Judaica and Semitic languages. He also wrote ''Studies in Middle Assyrian Chronology and Religion'' (Hebrew Union Press, 1955).

Rabbi Fine is survived by two sisters, Jean Trichter of Hollywood, Fla., and Miriam Miller of Allentown, Pa.; and a brother, Aaron M., of Swarthmore, Pa.


The Conscious Mind

Published: April 22, 1996

To the Editor:

Re "The Conscious Mind Is Still Baffling to Experts of All Stripes" (Science Times, April 16):

Those who argue that the conscious mind "doesn't exist except in the eye of the beholder" must be juggling words. The physical world may be an illusion -- I may have been dreaming about it for 70-odd years. But Descartes was right: Consciousness exists. Cogito ergo sum. HILLEL A. FINE New York, April 17, 1996

Studies in Middle Assyrian Chronology and Religion

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