Israel 2008

November 20, 2008

Rosh Ha'Ayin, Partner City to New Orleans

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New Orleans Jewish Federation Mission

November 12-23, 2008

Jewish Federation Group

Ellen and Jonathan in the background

YouTube - Singing of Youth


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Rosh Ha'Ayin

Partnership City. Water Tower viewing he surrounding area.

Shari and David

Orientation regardin Security

Texture from house

House in Rosh Ha'Ayin

Rosh Ha'Ayin literly mean the head of the eye but translates to spring


Ann the representative of Rosh Ha'Ayin

Standing in front of Arc of Progressive Synagogue

Dancing at Yeminite Home

Yeminite home

Marc and Ellen

Slose up of Veil Head-Dress

Yeminite Home

Books in Yeminite Home


Yes, that's Janice

Simulating a Wedding Ceremony



Rosh Ha'Ayin Partnership

A Musical city. Entertained by singers

Moshe Sinai, Mayor Rosh Ha'Ayin

Ann, Moshe and Michael

Moshe, Michael and Jonathan

Kat, Moshe, Michael and Jonathan

Young Men of Rosh Ha'Ayin

Brocheure Gven to New Orleans Group

Contianed a Video describing the city.

Inside the Brocheure

Ann present Rabbi with a financial gift from Temple Religious School

Rabbi with Gift

Our Host Family

The dinner was deligious. Marc and I were given a children's book written and published by hosts.

Jerusalem in the evening

From my hotel room



My Hotel Room

Hotel Room

Bath Room

Book from Rosh Ha'Ayin

Rock from Dead Sea

My prized acquistion from the Dead Sea. I was able to take rocks and soil home from Israel. I received the red string from the Kotel.

My Special Rock

I did received plenty of additional attention paid to my carry-on luggage as this rock was hefty and suspicious in the xray. My luggage was searched twice, in Israel and then in the US for the connectiong flight. A girl has to to what she has to do! My rock has a new home and I can feel Israel, my home, every day.


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