Israel 2008

November 15, 2008

Tel Aviv and Haifa

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New Orleans Jewish Federation Mission

November 12-23, 2008

House Cat in Haifa

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Tel Aviv

Looking outside the window at the Mediterrian Sea

Tel Aviv Looking from the Window

Tel Aviv from the hotel window

Tel Aviv From the Hotel Window

Sheraton Hotel Room

Tel Aviv

Left: Sheila and Gail - Haifa Lunch

Sam in the red shirt


Barriers in Haifa

Israeli Flag


Brenda looking up

Light post in Haifa


Wedding in Hafia Port

Cat in Yard Haifa

House of Simon the Tanner

Saint Simon the Shoemaker (10th century), also known as Simon the Tanner, is theCoptic Orthodox saint associated with the legend of the moving the Mokattam Mountain in (953 - 975).


Statue of Faith in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv in the Distance

Tel Aviv-Yafo is the second largest city in Israel. Estimated population of 390,100.The city is situated on the Israeli mediterranean coastline

Tel Aviv at Night

The name Tel Aviv (literally "Hill of Spring") was chosen in 1910 from many suggestions, among them "Herzliya". Tel Aviv is the Hebrew title of Theodor Herzl's book book Altneuland ("Old New Land"). From the Book of Ezekiel "Then I came to them of the captivity at Tel Aviv, that lived by the River Chebar, and to where they lived; and I sat there overwhelmed among them seven days."

Micki Beth, Kathy and Michael


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