Israel 2008

November 13, 2008

Sde Boker, Grave of Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel, and Avdat

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New Orleans Federation Mission

November 12-23, 2008


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Sde Boker

Ben Gurion Monument and Vision

Sde Boker

Mountains in the distance

David, Josh and Bonnie

Josh and Bonnie


Kathy, Marc, Josh, Michael, David, Bonnie and Ann


Professor Yair Zarmi speaking to geoup

The place of Physics in Argrigulture

Ben Gurion's Grave

Yair Zarmi, Professor Physics

Breda, Ann, Bonnie

Kathy, Michael and Gail


Really sharp needles

Izzy - Tour Guide

Israel Hertzog Tour Guide


The ruins of Avdat, the greatest Nabatean city in the Negev, lie on a limestone hill overlooking the desert.


The remains include two impressive Bysantine churches, a wine press, and many other interesting finds.




Kat at Avdat


Mitzpe Inn- Room at hotel

Something wonderful is happening in the negev desert. Here you can combine tranquility and a pastoral landscape with action-packed outdoor activities.

Sitting space in the hotel room

Here, you'll find warm hospitality in family suites that include a kitchenette - and all this amid the unforgettable experience of a desert vacation.

Kitchen area in room


Izzy our Guide and Singer

Sheila and Gail

We all had a drink. It cost 55 shekels for American liquor. Let's see 55/4usa = $12 for one shot. Yikes. We really did not get the whole shekel thing on our first day. It actually got worse by the end of the trip. Next time I being a time table chart.


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